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Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering
20 - 23 August 2000
Warnemünde, Germany

Preliminary List of Invited Talks
Plenary 1: Computational Electromagnetism and Circuit Design in Industrial Applications: Trends and Needs 
Invited Talk I1: Jaijeet Roychowdhury (Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill): Multi-Time PDEs for Dynamical System Analysis
Plenary 2: Survey on Discretization Methods for Numerical Field Computation: State of the Art 
Invited Talk I2: Ronald Rietman (Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven): A Common-Mode Skeleton Model for EMC Simulations
Plenary 3: Numerical Circuit Design I   (From the Mathematical Viewpoint) 
Invited Talk I3: Caren Tischendorf (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin): Benefits of Special Structures of DAEs for the Time Domain Analysis of Integrated Cicuits and Consequences for the Model Design
Plenary 4: Approaches for the Coupling between Circuit Design and Field Analysis 
Invited Talk I4: Irina Munteanu (Politehnica University Bucharest): Coupling Electromagnetic Devices to Electric Circuits using Parameter Extraction
Plenary 5: Hybrid Numerical Methods and Future Trends in Computational Electromagnetics 
Invited Talk I5: Leszek Demkowicz (The University of Texas at Austin): Adaptive hp-FE Modeling for Maxwell's Equations with
Applications to Scattering and Waveguides
Plenary 6: Numerical Circuit Design II   (Co-operation between Industry and Universities) 
Invited Talk I6: Michael Günther, Peter Rentrop (Universität Karlsruhe): Numerical Integration and Software in Electric Circuit Simulation

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